Multi Channel Order, Purchase & Inventory Management With Simple Accounting Solution

Cloud app for traditional b2b wholesale, distribution & eCommerce merchants


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Your Operations Command Center

By automatically syncing inventory, orders, and data across multiple sales channels, suppliers, and fulfillment locations, Stitch gives you a holistic view and control of your business to cost-effectively increase efficiencies and scale your operations more intelligently.

Manage Inventory & Scale Intelligently

Full Inventory Control

Accurately track & update inventory across all sales channels & warehouse locations.

Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss

The P&L report shows the Sales of Product Income accounts and the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) accounts that are associated with your inventory-enabled Product/Service items.

Cross-Depatmental Unification

From planning to allocation, align your teams with our automated & centralized solution.

Advantages of accounting software

Accounts payable

Helps you record entries, cut checks, analyze reports, reconcile purchase orders and invoices, and even track reporting. And it’s all integrated with your business data.

Accounts receivable

Faster paying accounting software to take payments and automatically record transactions.


SMB’s, accounting software makes it easier to submit, manage, process, approve, and access expenses – saving you both time and money.


Accounting software to integrate the process simplifies paying employees, filing taxes and staying compliant.


Tracking, replenishing, re-pricing, or just balancing inventory costs and benefits, accounting software makes it easy to find and use the information you need.